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IIC to RS485 is a software and hardware open source industrial board card. It provides hardware schematic diagram and software sample code. The software code adopts the open source freemodbus + RT thread architecture. It can collect temperature and humidity data through IIC interface and transmit it to your system through RS485 (Modbus Protocol). Users can also modify the code to change to other IIC interface sensors. Board preview a serial port, users can also modify the program to achieve new applications. The board adopts wide voltage input 5v-25v, which can adapt to different power supply environment. We also provide special case and sensor for temperature and humidity acquisition application, which is convenient for customers to directly use as products.
Microprocessor: STM32F103VET
Serial port: 1
IIC: 1
JTAG: 8Pin
Input and output: RS485
Operating Supply Current: 24V/10mA
Supply Voltage - Min: 5 V
Supply Voltage - Max: 25V
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Size / Dimension: 75mmX7 5mmX12mm
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3D Models

IICTORS485 BOARD 3D Models ,Data formats(step)。

Download (952.82k)

The development of each project begins with the acquisition of the specifications provided by the customer. Generally the circuit diagram, the bill of material and the mechanical dimensions are enough. Together with the customer, the routing rules, the voltages, the currents and the regulations that must be respected are defined. Furthermore, if required, we can also develop the PCB with a view to ICT test. Contact us by email:bjhfrk@hfrk.net and bjhfrk@vip.163.com.
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